July 21, 2018
2 months and 29 days left
until our reunion.
Welcome to the Alliance High School Alumni Website! 

Here, you can RSVP and purchase tickets for your Class Reunion, message your classmates, upload pictures and even blog about current events or where your life has taken you since high school. Create and update your profile, and see who else is coming or even connect with those who can't make it this year.

This is a site for multiple AHS Classes to use and connect with each other before the Class Reunion Saturday, July 21, 2018. Feel free to upload memorials of your Classmates who have passed away, and utilize the tools to chat, blog and message each other.

Begin by creating a profile on the Classmates tab, then fill out your RSVP form and purchase your tickets. If you are ONLY attending the Dinner / Karaoke Contest / Dance Saturday Night and not the Old Fart Olympics and Family Picnic Saturday Afternoon, you will purchase your Dinner tickets by making the appropriately totalled donation on the Donation Tab on this site. See the Bottom Line Tab for ticket prices. 

Be sure to purchase your tickets EARLY!! The Early Bird Special ends April 30th! The cost of ALL tickets goes up $20 on May 1st... this includes "Dinner Only" ticket prices. The Early Bird Special is given as incentive to buy your tickets now, as we need to pay deposits early to reserve all of our fun activities. 

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